About Us


Stand Up for Peace, Human Rights, and the Environment Club was created with the intent to establish and understand students’ roles and responsibilities with which to shed light upon social issues related to bullying, race, discrimination, gender, violence, inequalities, sexual orientation, genocide, and the environment. Our vision is that by means of thorough communication, a deep reflection of history, and the supplementation of relevant empirical and statistical data we can develop appropriate responses and strategies that will change the current social climate. This is a universal model that can be used by anyone or any group to share objective truths on the various injustices plaguing our world. 

Our Story

Stand Up for Peace, Human Rights, and the Environment is a program that is designed to teach students methods and strategies to effectively utilize historical, scientific, intracultural, and interfaith analyses for contrasting different views and opinions to solve modern-day problems. Guest speakers, documentary films, and other digital formats will be used by students, teachers, and others to connect and share their voices to make a greater impact in their community and the world.

 The educational model created by the club is meant to build peace in the mind of young people and we do that through readings, guest speakers/lectures, IEP Positive Peace Academy/Research, Reflection, and Community Service Projects.