Youth & Peace in Action (YPA): Engaging Young Community Peacebuilders Initiative

On April 7, 2021, an ambitious initiative was launched to support peace education, training and project mentoring for high school students, youth service club members and teachers.


Stand Up for Peace, Human Rights, and the Environment Club participates in the Youth & Peace in Action (YPA).

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YPA 10 minute Overview Video

Q & A Video (23 min) about Program Delivery 

Official YPA website:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram


NewGen Peacebuilders Sample Curriculum and Contents:

● January 2020 Activity Guide (for in person Immersion Workshops)
● January 2021 Sample Participant / Volunteer Notebook (overview of key ideas, concepts)
● March 2021 Volunteer Resources Page (for virtual program: include participant materials as well
as virtual activity instructions for volunteers, session recordings, etc.)

● June 2019: Mini-Case Study Booklet: Training Young Peacebuilders Around the World

Sample Outreach / Promotional Materials for Schools and Students:
● Overview Trifold Brochure
● 1pg Program Overview Flyer
● Overview PPT Presentation
● Program Summary & FAQs for Educators

Peace Project Case Study / Program Overview Videos:

● #RiceForLife
● Teens Against Trafficking
● Peace Projects Completed During COVID-19 (Metro Charlotte, 2020)
● Turn Empathy Into Action: The NewGen Peacebuilders Experience (Houston, TX 2019)


Example of NewGen Peacebuilders Virtual YOUnited Celebration